Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A New Start

Wow, It's been a busy couple of weeks what with setting up my web page and reorganising this Blog, thankfully my brother Darin has been a great help (thanks Bro), so now all that remains is to tweak things and get some content up on the Blog.

I will start by adding a movie of a trip a friend of mine Steve (Lizard) May and I took to Japan in December 2011 for the Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom Show, neither of us had been to Japan before so had no idea of what to expect, all I can say is if you get a chance to go to Japan jump at it Japan is an amazing place full of wonderful people beautiful scenery, fabulous food and the beer aint bad either.

Our first stop was Tokyo, we spent a few days there site seeing and thoroughly enjoyed it Tokyo has everything you could want, and the public transport system is exceptional and very easy to use which makes getting around a breeze. The video below is a bit of an overview of our trip, Enjoy

Sayonara for now.

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